Download free pdf books on LEADERSHIP

Download free pdf books on LEADERSHIP



Download free pdf books on LEADERSHIP

Leadership is the capacity of a person or an organization of individuals to influence and lead the way followers or other members of an organization.

Now click on the links below and download directly in to your device.

1. Good Assistants and Bad Assista – Dag Heward-Mills

2. Be a People Person_ Effective L – John Maxwell

3.Becoming A Leader – Myles Munroe

4.The_360_Degree_Leader_With_W _John Maxwell

5.Good Leaders Ask Great Question – John Maxwell

6. Gbile Akanni What fits a man for leadership

7. The Bible On Leadership Lorin Woolfe

8.Developing the Leader Within You – John Maxwell

9. The price for leadership – Bro Gbile Akanni

10. How to Influence People_ Make a – John Maxwell

11.Intentional Living_ Choosing a – John Maxwell

12.The_17_Indisputable_Laws_of_Team _John Maxwell

13. Attitude 101_ What Every Leader Needs to – John C Maxwell

14. Failsafe Leadership – Matthew Ashimolowo

15 .TRUE LEADERSHIP Colin Urquhart

16. Make Today Count_ The Secret of – John Maxwell

17. The Man God Uses Bro Gbile Akanni

18. Excellence in Leadership – Dag Heward-Mills

19. John_C._Maxwell The_17_Indisputable_Laws_of_Team

20. The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham

21. The Art of Leadership – Dag Heward-Mills

22. What fits a man for leadership Bro Gbile Akanni

23. Maxwell 2 in 1_ Becoming a Pers – John Maxwell

24.In Charge – Finding the Leader Within You – Myles Munroe

25. Power of Character in Leadershi – Myles Munroe

26. The Art of Hearing – Dag Heward-Mills

27. Keys for Leadership – Myles Munroe

28. The Engaging Leader ED Gubman

29. Becoming a Person of Influence _John Maxwell

30.Spirit Of Leadership-Myles Munroe

31. 10 Principal Secrets Of Principal People_Paul Enenche

32. Download books on grace 

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