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Prayer is the greatest force that can move heaven, and it is one of the ancient practices ordained by God through which we can communicate to Him. Even the scriptures says in Luke 18:1 “men ought always to pray and not to faint” this shows that prayer should be part of our daily life. And for God to have pointed this out, it reveals the importance of prayer in the Christian faith. A Christian can not survive without it.


1. Releasing the ability of God through prayer

2. A treasury of prayer _ the best of E.M. Bounds on prayer in a single volume

3. Powerful Prayers in the War Room_ Learning to Pray like a Powerful Prayer Warrior (Simple Christianity Guides Book 1) (

4. Angels & Demons ( PDF


5. The three heavens _ angels, demons, and what lies ahead ( PDF

6. Ability of God. Prayers of the Apostle Paul ( PDF


7. Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting – (Derek Prince) ( PDF

8. Prevailing prayer to peace _ [26 prayer lessons] ( PDF

9. PRAYER SECRETS By Kenneth E. Hagin ( PDF


11. PRAYER SECRETS By Kenneth E. Hagin ( PDF

12. Demon Proofing Prayers ( PDF

13. Prayers that bring healing ( PDF

14. 101 Most Powerful Prayers in the Bible ( PDF

15. Download pdf books on fasting and prayer 


16.Prayers That Rout Demons ( PDF

17.  You Can Hear the Voice of God_ How God Speaks in Listening Prayer ( PDF

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