Soul winning is the process of winning the soul of a man back to God through the process of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ by the influence of the Holy Spirit. 


It has the word “winning” attached to it because it involves the contending between  two powers over a soul. So then it’s a war that takes place in the mind, contending  to influence the decision of that soul. 

Now for every war there must be a soldier.

The war between soldiers involves the use of weapons.

That weapon is the word of God and the force that drives the weapon to bring about victory is the power of the Holy Spirit. And how much influence the power of the Holy Spirit will have on the weapon which is the word of God , determines the strength of the soldier using the weapon and the strength of the soldier depend on his source. 


If the source of his strength is self, he will not be able to win such soul because he will be trying to use his intelligence and human capacity to win a soul. This method is not going to work.

The Bible says that” the words that I speak to you they are spirit and they are life.”

So winning a soul is not by using human capacity or intellect. It’s about the contention between spirits over one soul.


So then if you are going to succeed in winning a war over a  soul you have to stop depending on self and depend on the Holy Spirit.

Soul winning involves three process. It is a process because the soul involves three parts which are the.


Mind: the mind is the power house of the soul because it had the capacity to control the emotions and the will of a man which are also the  feeling and actions of a person. It involves thinking,thoughts which affects the feelings and actions. As a soldier, the word of God through your mouth by the power of the Holy Spirit should be able to win a soul by disrupting and influencing their thought line. Without forgetting,I must mention that love must be the driving force behind your soul winning goal which is also supplied by the Holy Ghost.


Romans  5:5 And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.


Emotion: The emotion is the second phase in soul winning and its the part of the soul that feels. Now after the thought line has been disrupted in mind which is the power house of the soul, you have succeeded in gaining entrance into the emotion which is the softest part of the soul. The next phase is that the word that has affected the mind gains entrance and causes that soul to feel conviction and convinced .


Will: The will is the part of the human soul that makes and carry out decision. The will is the third and last phase in soul winning. So the effects of that feeling is what brings about the decision and actions that causes a soul to finally surrender to Jesus.

Note: this processes can take place in 5 seconds and may also take days or even weeks to happen depend on the administration of the Holy Spirit. He decides how it should go.


All that have been explained above begins and

 First interceding for souls

Teaching them the Gospel of need ;which is the need to have Jesus in their lives ,not wants 

Lead them to Christ Discipleship(follow up)

Receive them into God’s family(a Church).

Introduce the church’s mentorship program.

Release them into leadership

Helping them with their needs through cash or kind

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Above all, the expression of love through the help of the Holy Spirit should be the ultimate drive.

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