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How To Know If You Have Found The Right Person To Marry?

Right person

How To Know If You Have Found The Right Person To Marry?

How To Know If You Have Found The Right Person To Marry? An important question that many ask themselves in their opposite-sex relationship is: Who is the right person, how do I recognize him or her when he or she comes?
Many look for signs, codes, or guidelines to determine who the right person is. While it’s not wrong to look for signs, focusing on them is unthinkable.
You cannot find the right person by signs, it is a journey you must embark on to transform yourself into the right person, and then you have the ability to recognize them when they come.

While many marriage and relationship counselors or experts have attempted to answer this question with titles such as: “7 Ways to Identify the Right Mr. or Miss for You”, “How to Identify the Right Person to Marry ” and various other subjects, many are confused in their search for the right person to spend their life with.

Many people had pretended to have these marks of the right person to marry, but they lacked the substance of what makes people right.
Do you know that you can only identify the right person when you have become the right person? On the other hand, being the right person is not enough, you also have to be positioned in the right place to discover the right person.

Please note the following Bible verses.

The Bible says, “And Adam said, Now this is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, because she was taken of man” (Genesis 2:23 KJV)
With such boldness and precision, Adam recognized the right woman when God brought her to him. How could that be possible?
To answer this question you must answer the following questions while putting yourself in Adam’s shoes and doing what you did.
Who is Adam? How did he know she was his bone and flesh?Who told her that she was taken from him? where is adam
Please read this article patiently as it grants you understanding.

1) Who is Adam? I know. You can easily tell me that Adam was the first man that God created, and that’s true. But if you limit your understanding to this without relating it to yourself, you will not learn from it.
Adam was created by God, were you created by Him? Don’t whisper yes, please read on.
The devil plundered his first creature, but Jesus came to recreate what the devil destroyed.To identify the right person, you must have the right mind and attitude.
If God is to create you anew, then you must be SAVED and BORN AGAIN so that you can have a great relationship with God that will lead to marital success.
Redemption regenerates your spirit and makes you righteous before God. But being born again gives you access to His kingdom, and you must be baptized in water and in His Spirit. Baptism by water and the Holy Spirit.

The born again are not guided by sight or material things in choosing whom to marry, they are guided by the Spirit of God.
Because Adam was the right person and the Spirit of God was in him too, he needed no sign or formula to find out who the right person is.
Dear Reader, The fact of the matter is that anyone can fake signs, most relationship counselors would tell you under cover. But the Spirit of God will show you clearly when scammers come to you to marry. 

Are you influenced by His Word and Spirit to have the ability to recognize the right person as accurately as you should? Or are you looking for 7 signs and 9 ways to recognize them without working on yourself to be the right person?
Don’t run after the signs.Being in the right position with God to discern right and wrong without human formulas but through divine intuition.
And if, like Adam, you live in the kingdom of God, you will find it easy to know the right person accurately without guesswork or confusion, although you are in the world.

2) ) Where was Adam?When you say Adam was in the garden, you’re right. But the garden means two things: the presence of God and the place where His divine purpose is fulfilled.
It will be practically impossible for you to meet the right person if you don’t have a personal relationship with God.
No matter how clear the signs given you about the right person, if you do not know God yourself, you will be confused and deceived.

Even more, you cannot see it if you do not know why God created your divine purpose for you and why you seek its fulfillment.
Every man or woman will see themselves as the right person until they have an intimate relationship with God.
And behold, you cannot meet the right person when you are toying with sin or in an immoral relationship.

Get out of this ungodly relationship and cling to God so He can show you great and powerful things about your life and destiny.
Don’t be like those who want to meet or find the right person but don’t want to pay the price.
It will take prayer, patience, understanding, discerning and fulfilling your divine purpose, discernment, and intention to meet the right person.
And it’s a complete waste of time to shrink your life to the brink of a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship in hopes of finding or meeting the right person; Dating John or Justina won’t help either.
. Indeed it is more misleading to give God’s name to men or women than to reveal it when one does not know God Himself.

And despite it all, would you still be looking for any telltale signs that he or she is the right person? Or will you walk beside God as he directs your path to the right person?
Do not search for characters. Rest. Sit in his kingdom.Instead of fulfilling the purpose. Go with God. Then you will be able to recognize the right person and say like Adam: This is my bone from bone and my flesh from flesh, without an iota of doubt or confusion.

3) How did you know that she was your flesh and blood? To correctly answer this question, see this biblical illustration.
“And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept; and he took one of his ribs and shut up the flesh in its place” (Genesis 2:21)
Adam was put to sleep.
brother and sister, go to sleep.
sleep means REST.
Stop looking for a Facebook post with signs and formulas that will point you to the right person. Stop dating John or Johanna and start looking for the right person.
If you want God to show you the right person, rest in the Lord.
At the resting place, He will reveal the right person to you. While Adam slept, he knew that God had taken his rib and flesh to make him a woman.

In the resting position, you will be able to identify the right person to marry, which no relationship expert can accurately guide you to.
They can tell you superficial truths like compatibility, agreement, intention, marry a believer, marry your friend.
and several others; none of this reveals His thoughts to you accurately unless you have a personal relationship with Him.
A man or woman may suit you, and they may not be the right person for you.
When you rest, you will know him better, you will understand his ways, you will recognize his voice, and you will sharpen your human mind.
You’ll even master how He speaks to you so that you can easily identify them when the wrong men and women come along. Go and rest, don’t worry about finding the right person!

4) How did you know it was taken from you? There are two ways to meet the right person when they arrive: through observation or through revelation. And the most accurate of them is through divine revelation.
I do not mean to seek dreams, visions, or trances; It is God’s prerogative to decide whether He would choose these channels to reveal to you.
You too can recognize the right person through spiritual discernment. And if you want to enjoy that privilege, you have to stand where Adam was. 

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