5 characteristics of real men | MYLES MUNROE

5 Characteristics of Real Men – What Men Should Do | Myles Munroe

God took man and put him in the garden of Eden to take care of it and the lord God commanded the man(Gen 2:15-16)

The male was given the charge to be the visionary and leader. The male is to be responsible for everything under his jurisdiction, this doesn’t mean women dont have the capacity, but it was entrusted to the male. A man is giving vision, while the woman is there to make sure he accomplish it. He knows exactly where he is going. He makes plans, he sees the future, the woman is a help in achieving it.

Primarily God made men responsible for teaching his ways, not that women are unable to teach.The male must be responsible for godly instructions to their family. May not be the way things are, but the way it supposed to . God expect males to reveal his will and word to females.
Paul told Timothy in 1Tim3. If a man wants to be a leader in the church let him first get his house in order.

God gave male an assignment of cultivating the garden Gen2:15. One of males responsibility is to cultivate. Means to make something grow, and produce greater yield.You as a man is supposed to cultivate and develop everything around you. Make both people and things better. So if you as a man marries a wife and she is looking Haggard, after months of marriage,then you’ve not cultivated her.

Primarily, it is very simple. You don’t have to be a batman as a man or compete with Arnold Schwarzenegger. You dont have to develop big muscles, to fulfil that purpose. The Male should be a visionary, he should have a vision for his life and he should work to see it accomplished, both for him, his family and others under his Care. He is build physically stronger than the female, particularly in his upper body because of God’s command for work.

The lord God took man and put him in the garden to take care of it. Another responsibility of man is to ‘take care’. He was to take care of everything, the woman, plants, animals, everything. God never told the woman to take care but the man. Why? Because the woman is one of the things we are supposed to protect. God designed the male to protect everything under his care and covering. A male is a natural protector.

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