Free Download All REINHARD BONNKE Books PDF

Free Download All REINHARD BONNKE Books PDF 

Free Download All REINHARD BONNKE Books PDF

Free Download All REINHARD BONNKE Books PDF: Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was best known for his great evangelical crusades across Africa.

The son of a pastor, Reinhard gave his life to Christ at the age of nine and answered the call to the African mission field before he was a teenager.

He attended the Bible College of Wales and was ordained a priest in Germany where he and his wife Anni worked in a small church until 1967 when, obeying the call of childhood, they embarked on a life missionary in Africa in the small mountainous kingdom. . from Lesotho.

When in 1974 the Holy Spirit spoke to Reinhard in a recurring dream of “a blood-washed Africa”, he founded Christ for all nations, becoming the inspiring visionary who always spoke of “plundering hell for people heaven,” a devoted preacher who saw “the signs that follow” as necessary proof of the power of the gospel to save, heal, and deliver.


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Taking Action_ Receiving and Operating the Gifts and Power of Holy Spirit – Reinhard Bonnke


Time is Running Out – Reinhard Bonnke

Daily Fire Devotional_ 365 Days – Reinhard Bonnke

Even Greater_ 12 Real-Life Stories That Will Inspire You – Reinhard Bonnke

Faith_ The Link with Gods Power – Reinhard Bonnke

Evangelism by Fire_ Keys for Ef – Reinhard Bonnke

Living a Life of Fire – Reinhar – Reinhard Bonnke

Holy Spirit – Revelation and Revolution – Reinhard Bonnke

Raised From the Dead – Reinhard Bonnke

Bonnke_Baptism In The Holy Spirit

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