How Develop Interpersonal Relationships 

How To Develop Interpersonal Relationships 

How to develop interpersonal relationships

How to develop interpersonal relationships:Various models have been proposed in the field of interpersonal relationship development. All models indicate how the relationship between friends, partners, partners, colleagues, etc. is growing. 


Every relationship takes time to grow. It takes time to get very close and trust someone. Miracles don’t happen in a single day. One has to be patient enough to understand the other person for the relationship. to grow and reach the next level. 



 Let’s go through the models in order: 


  Relationship scaling model according to Knapp 

 According to Knapp’s relationship scaling model, every relationship goes through the following phases: 


 Every relationship begins with a phase in which two people do not know each other before they meet and immediately feel drawn to each other. In this phase, both parties do their best to leave a lasting first impression on the other. People show their best behaviour to usher in a relationship. At this stage, appearance, personal hygiene, manners and etiquette play an essential role. As individuals, they don’t know much about each other. 



 In the second phase, the individuals try to get to know each other better. They share their likes and dislikes and also try to find out each other’s interests. This phase is characterized by extensive meetings and telephone calls during which individuals check their compatibility. even. 


 Case 1 The individuals are incompatible with each other. 


 Result People don’t continue the relationship and decide to end it for a better future. 


 Case 2 people are compatible with each other 


 Result People decide to continue the relationship 


 In the third stage, people regularly try to strengthen their relationships. People commit and prepare for long-term relationships. 


 The fourth phase begins when the people in a relationship begin to do things together. They have often seen together shopping, eating out, going to the movies, etc. 


 When individuals are truly confident in their relationship, they decide to stay together forever. Individuals enter into marriage in the fifth stage. 


 What is important for the development of relationships? 

 Effective communication between partners people must keep in touch regularly. 




 Mutual Respect 



 A relationship will not survive if any of the above is missing. 


 Knapp’s Relationship Termination Model 

 A relationship ends when people do not communicate effectively with each other. Misunderstandings and confusion arise, leading to unnecessary conflicts. 


 Remember that in relationships there is no place for ego and jealousy. You have to be forgiving for the relationship to grow. The stage of stagnation is often characterized by people avoiding and interacting little with each other. 


 people are no longer interested and physical intimacy is also declining. People choose to leave the relationship and opt for a mutual breakup. 


 Duck’s relationship filter model 

 As the name suggests, Duck’s relationship filter model consists of many filters that a relationship must pass through.  




 The way people look, speak and present themselves also affects the relationship. People tend to be attracted to someone charming and confident.




 What you think about the other affects the relationship. People can have a wrong perception of someone and not decide to continue the relationship. 



 It is convenient for people to start a relationship with someone who is close to them or who works with him/them. Distance matters in relationships. explains why long-distance relationships are not very successful.

How to maintain interpersonal relationships 

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