Bishop TD Jakes PDF Books Download

Bishop TD Jakes PDF Books Download

Bishop TD Jakes PDF Books Download:Thomas Dexter Jakes Sr., known as T.D. Jakes, is an American bishop, writer and director. He is the bishop of The Potter’s House, a non-denominational American mega-church. Jakes’ church services and evangelistic sermons are broadcast on The Potter’s Touch.  Wikipedia 

Why – T.D. Jakes

Woman Thou Art Loosed! 20th Ann – T.D. Jakes

TD Jake’s Speaks to Men

TD Jakes_ 70 Greatest Life Lessons – Sarah Roosevelt

Soar by TD Jakes

Naked And Not Ashamed – T.D. Jakes

When Power Meets Potential – T.D. Jakes


Loose That Man and Let Him Go with Workbook by T.D. Jakes (

Don’t Settle for Safe – Sarah Jakes Roberts

Celebrating marriage by TD JAKES

He-Motions_ Even Strong Men Struggles – T.D. Jakes

Overcoming the Enemy- T.D. Jakes

Wisdom from T. D. Jakes – T. D. Jakes (


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