Factors affecting interpersonal relationship

Factors Affecting Inter-Personal Relationships


In our last post we discussed about the types of interpersonal relationships.  Now there are lots of factors affecting interpersonal relationship. These factors ranges from forgiveness, lack of time out together, transparency, communication, patience, lack of appreciation. Examples of interpersonal relationships


Transparency is an essential factor that can affect relationships:

Stay plain, calm, not overreact to small issues in relationships. Live calmly. Be a little more suited. Be the first to say “Sorry” when the need for it arises, it doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong, offended or offending, guilty or innocent.
This will solve half of your problems.

Communication is a major factor in interpersonal relationship:

communication in any relationship is key for any connection to grow. It plays a vital role in all kinds of relationships, whether it’s just friendship, romance, family or colleagues.

Feelings should be expressed and reciprocated in relationships. People want to communicate successfully with each other for better acquaintance. No matter how distant you are, ensure to keep in touch through any means of communication, whether through mail or phone, video call, text messages, just ensure the communication is flowing.


Appreciation as a factor that affects interpersonal relationships :

Factors affecting interpersonal relationship

appreciate your partner all the time. You can do that in form of the five love languages such as an act of service, gift, physical touch, sweet words etc,
Be proud of them, when you’re with other people let them know how much you value them. Praise him in front of others.


A man or woman needs more forgiveness in their relationships. It doesn’t matter how bad you think you have been hurt, you must learn to create room for forgiveness.

The reason for creating room for forgiveness is not just because of the other person but also for your own sake. If you have unforgiveness in your heart, it has lots of dangerous effects ranging from your emotions, your health and even your spiritual well.

Don’t drag problems unnecessarily. Stop Arguing over small issues makes things worse.

Factors affecting interpersonal relationship

Compatibility :

Factors affecting interpersonal relationship:
People with similar experiences and similar life goals do very well in relationships. People with different goals, attitudes and thinking skills find it difficult to change and because of this, they cannot keep the connection to the next level.

This is why most of the time, you hear people say “I love him but we are not just good pairs

Spend time with each other:

every relationship takes time and a person’s attempt to grow taller. Sit down with your partner and try to note the differences amicably.

Don’t be harsh. Some of the crises in relationships are a result of not spending quality time together. The time spent helps to refine the relationship, deep and rooted.

No relationship with shallow time spent can have a deep root. The time spent helping to build a strong foundation for any relationship.

And lastly, as you spend time with each other you get to know each other better and the bond or connection keeps growing and glowing

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