What Are Anxiety Disorder?

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What are the 4 main causes of depression

 Depression is not an illness that has a specific cause. It can occur for many different reasons and have many triggers. Usually, depression does not work quickly or suddenly. 


 The four main causes of depression are: 

 Family history. … 

 Illness and health problems. … 

 Medicines, drugs and alcohol. … 




 What Really Causes Depression? 

 Research suggests that depression is not simply the result of having too much or too little of certain chemicals in the brain. On the contrary, there are many possible causes of depression, including poor mood regulation by the brain, genetic vulnerability, stressful life events, medications, and medical issues. 



 What will happen during depression? 

 Depression is a serious mental illness that can interfere with a person’s life. This can cause lasting and serious feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and loss of interest in activities.It can also cause physical symptoms of pain, changes in appetite, and problems sleeping. 

 https://www.medicalnewstoday.com ›… 




 What Exactly Are The Symptoms Of Depression? 

 Feelings of sadness, tears, emptiness or hopelessness. Outbursts of anger, irritability or frustration, even over small problems. Loss of interest or pleasure in most or all normal activities, such as sex, hobbies, or sports. Sleep disturbances, including insomnia or too much sleep Feb 3, 2019 


What are anxiety disorder ?

 Anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders and affect almost 30% of adults at some point in their lives. But anxiety disorders can be treated, and there are a number of effective treatments available.Treatment helps most people lead normal, productive lives. 

 https://www.psychiatry.org ›whata 



 What is long-lasting depression called? 

 What is dysthymia? Dysthymia is a milder, but long-lasting form of depression. It is also called persistent depressive disorder. 

 https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org ›… 




 What are the 9 causes of depression? 

 What are the main causes of depression? 

 Abuse. Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse can make you more vulnerable to depression later in life. 

 Age.Older people are at greater risk for depression. … 

 Certain drugs. … 

 Conflict. … 

 Death or loss. … 

 Kind. … 

 genes. … 


 https://www.webmd.com ›guides› c … 

 Causes of depression: genetics, illness, abuse, etc. WebMD 


What causes depression? 

 There is no single cause of depression. It can occur for a variety of reasons and has many different triggers. For some people, an upsetting or stressful life event, such as bereavement, divorce, illness, termination, and worries about work or money, can be the cause. Different causes can often combine to trigger depression. 

 https://www.nhs.uk ›conditions› c … 

 Causes clinical NHS depression 


What are the 5 signs of mental illness? 


 The top five warning signs of mental illness are: 

 Excessive paranoia, worry or anxiety. 

 Long-lasting sadness or irritability. 

 Extreme mood swings. 

 Social withdrawal. 

 Dramatic changes in the way we eat or sleep. 

 Oct 14, 2020 

 https://www.medicinenet.com ›article 




 What happens to your brain when we are depressed? 

 There is growing evidence that different parts of the brain shrink in people with depression. More precisely, these areas lose gray matter volume (GMV).It is a tissue with many brain cells. The loss of GMV appears to be greater in people with regular or ongoing depression with severe symptoms. July 28, 2020 

 https://www.webmd.com ›Depression 

 Physical effects of depression on the brain WebMD 


 How do you feel about anxiety? 

  When you feel anxious, your body goes on alert, looking for potential danger and activating your fight or flight responses. As a result, some common symptoms of anxiety include: nervousness, agitation, or tension. feelings of danger, panic or terror. 

 https://www.healthline.com ›health 


 Can Depression Make You Sick? 

 This mood disorder causes a variety of emotional symptoms, including lingering feelings of sadness and loss of interest in things once enjoyed. Depression can also cause physical symptoms. Depression can make you sick and cause symptoms such 


Who can suffer from depression?

Depression is more common between the ages of 18 and 25 (10.9%) and in people of two or more races (10.5%). Women are twice as likely as men to have a depressive episode, according to the NIMH and the World Health Organization (WHO). 

 https://www.healthline.com ›health 

 Depression: facts, statistics and you 


 Is there a cure for depression? 

 Medication and psychotherapy are effective for most people with depression. Your doctor or psychiatrist may prescribe medication to relieve symptoms. However, many people with depression also have an interest in seeing a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychiatrist. another mental health professional. 

 https://www.mayoclinic.org ›drc2 … 


 What is the 3 3 3 rule for anxiety? 

 Follow the rule 333 


 Start by looking around and name three things that you can see. So listen.What three sounds do you hear? Then move three parts of your body, such as your fingers, toes, or squeeze and release your shoulders. 

 https://reallifecounseling.us ›reduce … 


 How can I stop my anxiety? 

 Try this when you are feeling anxious or stressed: 

 Take a break. … 

 Eat balanced meals. … 

 Limit alcohol and caffeine, which can make anxiety worse and trigger panic attacks. 

 Get enough sleep. … 

 Exercise every day to feel good and stay healthy. … 

 Breathe deeply. … 

 Count slowly to 10. … 

 Do your best. 

 More Articles … • Sep 8, 2010 



 How can I relieve my anxiety? 

Anxiety management strategies 

 Slow breathing. When you are anxious, your breathing becomes faster and more shallow. 

 Progressive muscle relaxation Find a quiet place. … 

 Stay in the moment. … 

 Healthy lifestyle. … 

 Do small acts of courage. … 

 Challenge your inner dialogue. … 

 Schedule your time to worry. … 

 Know your anxiety. 

 More Articles … 



 What Are The 5 Mood Disorders? 

 What are the different types of mood disorders? 

 Major depression. Having less interest in usual activities, feeling sad or hopeless, and other symptoms for at least 2 weeks may indicate depression. 

 Dysthymia. … 

 Bipolar disorder. … 

 Mood disorder related to another health problem. … 

 Substance-Induced Mood Disorder. 

 https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org ›… 



 What is constant worry? 


 Everyone gets anxious sometimes, but if your worries and fears are so constant that they interfere with your ability to function and relax, you could have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). nervousness and tension. 

 https://www.helpguide.org ›articles 

 Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) HelpGuide.org 


 Other results 

 Why did I cry for no reason? 

 Crying is a normal emotional response to many different factors. However, frequent, uncontrollable or inexplicable crying can be emotionally and physically draining and can greatly affect daily life. This type of crying can be the result of a mental health problem, such as exhaustion, anxiety, or depression. To? 


 Gray matter in the brain refers to brain tissue made up of cell bodies and nerve cells. People with depression have been shown to have thicker gray matter in the parts of the brain involved in self-perception and emotions.This anomaly could contribute to the problems that people with depression face in these areas. August 16, 2019 

 https://www.banyanmentalhealth.com ›… 

 Depressed brain vs. Normal Brain Mental Health Blog 




 What Makes a Woman Depressed? 

 Social causes 


 Coping skills, relationship choices and life choices affect women differently from men. As a woman, you are more likely to develop depression due to marital or relationship issues, work-life balance issues, financial issues, and stressful life events, including the loss of a loved one. dear May 21, 2021 

 https: // www. psycom.net ›Depression … 

 Depression in women: types, causes, symptoms and treatments 


 Other results 

 Is crying every day normal? 

 There are people who cry everyday for no particular reason, who are really sad. And if you cry every day from normal activities in your life, it could be depression.And it’s not normal and it’s treatable. Nov 6, 2014 

 https://healthcare.utah.edu ›shows 

 I’m still crying – Am I normal? University of Utah Health 

 Other results 

 How do I know if I have a mental illness? 

 Confused thinking or reduced ability to concentrate. Excessive fears or worries, or 


Neither is it a mental health disorder Oct 8, 2020 

 https://www.webmd.com ›signner … 

 Signs of a nervous breakdown Mental health We MD 



 Can the brain to repair after depression? 

 A depressed person’s brain does not function normally but can recover, according to a study published in the Aug. 11 issue of Neurology, the scientific journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Researchers measured brain responsiveness using magnetic stimulation on the brain and targeted muscle movements Aug 13, 1999 

 https://www.sciencedaily.com ›199 … 

 The brain is less responsive during depression, but it can recover 

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 What are the worst symptoms of anxiety? 

 Severe difficulty in breathing with fear of suffocation. Hot flashes or chills. Feeling of unreality (like being in a dream). Fear of losing control or going crazy. 


 Topic Overview 

 Rapid heart rate and breathing. 



 Tremor and feeling of weakness in the knees. 

 Not being able to move or escape. 

 https://www.uofmhealth.org ›health … 

 Symptoms of severe anxiety and panicMichigan Medicine 

 Other results 


 How to make anxiety go away forever? 

 21 Anxiety Busters 

 Start breathing deeply. If you don’t focus on stilling your body with slow, intentional abdominal breathing, something is missing. … 


 Take care of yourself. 

 Eliminate soda. 

 Cut the fat out of your budget. 

 Get rid of clutter. 

 Plan a day trip. 

 Go to bed early. 

 More Articles … • May 14, 2014 

 https://www.psychologytoday.com ›… 


 How can I stop feeling lonely? 

 You can overcome feelings of loneliness 

 Re-evaluate your thinking and regain hope. 

 Practice self-compassion. 

 Write your thoughts and feelings in a journal. 

 Reaching out to old friends. 

 Invite a friend for a walk. 

 Talk to people. 

 Consider joining a club, organization, or online community. 

 Get a pet. 


 https://psychcentral.com ›lib› stop … 

 How to stop feeling lonely Psych Central 



 Does depression make you lose weight? 

 Depression can also lead to decreased appetite which ultimately leads to unintentional weight loss. Some people may view this as a positive side effect, but sudden or extreme weight loss can put your health at risk. February 26, 2021 

 https: // www. healthline.com ›health 

 Breaking the Link Healthline 

 Weight Loss and Depression More Results 

 Can Depression Give You Headaches? 

 Daily headaches associated with muscle pain and stress can cause depressive symptoms.For many people, depression begins after a major life change or trauma. Sep 17, 2019 

 https://www.webmd.com ›depression 

 Can you prevent depression? WebMD 



 Which age group is most at risk for depression? 

 The percentage of adults showing symptoms of depression is highest among 18-29 year olds (21.0%), followed by 45-64 year olds (18.4%) and 65 year olds (18.4%) ) and finally, by 30-44 year olds (16.8%). Women were more likely than men to have mild, moderate or severe symptoms of depression. 

 https://www.cdc.gov ›databriefs 



 How to Stop Thinking Too Much

How do you stop overthinking and being depressed? 

Tips for dealing with the thoughts of ruminants 

 Distract yourself. When you realize you’re starting to ruminate, finding a distraction can interrupt your thought cycle. … 

 Action plan. … 

 Acting. … 

 Question your thoughts. … 

 Readjust your life goals. … 

 Work to improve your self-esteem. … 

 Try meditation. … 

 Understand your triggers. 

 More Articles … • Nov 14, 2019 

 https://www.healthline.com ›health 





 How to overcome excessive thinking? 


 Here are 8 steps to help you stop overthinking. 

 Change the story you tell yourself. … 

 Forget the past. … 

 Stop your thoughts in the moment and train yourself to be present. … 

 Focus on What You Can Control. … 

 Identify your fears. … 

 Write down (or openly share) solutions (not problems) … 

 Make the decision to become a person of action. 

 More articles … • March 2, 2020 

 https://www.omaritani.com ›blog 



 What to drink to calm your nerves ? 

 Soothing Drinks 

 Holidays are a time to indulge in food, family, gifts and yes, drinks.Milk. … 

  Chamomile. … 



 https://www.menshealth.com ›8dri … 




 How to train my brain to stop worrying ? 

 8 Successful mental habits for overcoming fear, worry and anxiety 

 Not understanding things on your own. … 

 Be real with how you feel. … 

 You agree with some things that are beyond your control. … 

 Take care of yourself. … 

 Be aware of your intentions. … 

 Concentrate on positive thoughts. … 

 Practice Mindfulness. 




 8 Successful Mental Habits to Overcome Fear, Worry and Anxiety Inc.com 


 How can I stop worrying at night? 

 What you can do before bed: 

 Put your worries on paper (and out of your head) 

 Read, but not on your phone. 

 Keep the bedroom cool and completely dark. 

 Follow your children’s advice with a strict bedtime routine (and a bath) 

 Proactively reduce stress during the day. 

  https://www.nbcnews.com ›better 




 How to relieve stress?

8 steps to Reduce Stress and Anxiety 


Regular Exercise. One of the most important things you can do to deal with stress is exercise. … 

 Consider the supplements. Several supplements help reduce stress and anxiety. … 

 Light a candle. … 

 Cut down on caffeine. … 

 Write it down. … 

 Chewing gum. … 

 Spend time with friends and family. … 



 https://www.healthline.com ›Nutrition 

 16 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety Healthline 


 What Really Causes the Depression ? 


 Research suggests that depression is not simply the result of having too many or too few chemicals in the brain. On the contrary, there are many possible causes of depression, including altered brain mood regulation, genetic vulnerability, stressful life events, medications, and medical issues. 


 What Causes Depression? Harvard Health 


 Why do my emotions change so quickly? 

 In many cases,  mood swings are a symptom of a more serious health problem. They can occur due to mental health issues, hormonal changes, or substance use issues, among others. 

 https://www.healthline.com ›health 

 Rapid mood swings: causes and when to see a doctor … 

 Other results 

 What is a manic episode? 

 The terms “mania” and “manic episode” describe a state of mind characterized by high energy, excitement and euphoria over a long period of time.This is an extreme change in mood and cognition that can interfere with school, work, or family life. Mania is also the main hallmark of bipolar disorder. June 28, 2021 



 How can I stop to be depressed without drugs? 

 Sleep regularly: Try to maintain a regular sleep schedule.

 Maintain balance by getting neither too little nor too much sleep. Staying up late one night and  sleeping too much the next  is a sure way to fuel depression. Also, don’t try to solve late night problems  when your brain is half asleep May 15, 2017 

 https://intermountainhealthcare.org ›… 

 7 Ways To Beat Depression Without Medication 




 How do I know if I need antidepressants? 

 Why may your doctor recommend antidepressants? Your doctor may suggest that you try antidepressants if: You’ve tried tips and lifestyle changes, and they haven’t worked.Your symptoms are severe enough to interfere with your daily life. 

 https://www.cigna.com ›depression 

 Depression: should I take an antidepressant? Cigna 

 More Results 

 What Can Too Much Thinking Do To Your Body? 

 Read on to find out how bad it is to overthink. 

 You are losing your creative energy. … 

 Excessive thinking can cause high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. … 

 You have trouble sleeping. … 

 You suffer from digestive problems. … 

 It can also affect your memory. … 

 New brain cells stop growing. … 

 Whets the appetite. 

  https://www.indiatimes.com ›lifestyle 


 This is what excessive thinking does to your body and you need to stop … 

 Other results  

is excessive thinking a symptom of mental health problem? 

 Over-thinking can be a symptom of a mental health problem, such as depression or anxiety. On the flip side, it can also increase your susceptibility to developing mental health issues. September 27, 2020 

 https://www.verywellmind.com ›ho. .. 

 How do you know when you think too much Verywell Mind 


 What are the side effects of over-thinking? 

 In the long run, according to psychologist Dr. Timothy Sharp of the Happiness Institute, the effects are worse. He says over-thinking can lead to “frustration, anxiety, fear and depression [and] can have a very negative impact on every aspect of our life.” the impact is even more damaging when over-thinking becomes a habit May 17, 2016 

 https://i.stuff.co.nz ›inspireme› h … 

 How to avoid the harmful effects of over-thinkingStuff.co.nz 


 Why do girls cry so much? 

 A 2012 study  found that women have 60% more prolactin, which is a reproductive hormone that stimulates milk production  in postpartum women, compared to the average man. Emotional tears are particularly rich in prolactin, which could explain why women cry more often than men June 12, 2015 

 https://www.livescience.com ›5118 … 

 Nobel scientist’s claim examined: women really cry more? 



 What is rule 333? 

 You can survive three minutes without breathing air (unconsciousness) usually with protection, or in frozen water. You can survive three hours in a harsh environment (extreme heat or cold). You can survive three days without drinking water. You can survive three weeks without food. 

 https://en.m.wikipedia.org ›wiki 

 Rule of three (survival) Wikipedia 



Why don’t I have any friends? 

 When someone doesn’t have friends, it’s almost never because their main personality is unpleasant. This is usually due to a mix of disruptive factors such as: I am not aware of the skills needed to make friends. They are too shy, socially anxious, insecure, or insecure about pursuing friendships. 

 https://www.succeedsocially.com ›n … 

 Concerns about people who don’t have successful friends on Socially.com 


 Other results 

 How can I feel happy alone? 

 Whether it’s voluntary or necessary, here are 10 ways to be happier on your own: 

 Develop a relationship with yourself. … 

 Volunteer. … 

 Learn something new. … 

 Exercise. … 

 Spending time in nature. … 

 Practice Gratitude. … 

 Take a break from social media. … 

 Make an appointment. 

 More Articles … • 11 déc. 2020 

 https://www.insider.com ›howtob … 

 10 Proven Ways To Be Happy Lonely And Feel Less Lonely Insider 



 Can Depression Make You Sick? 

 This mood disorder causes a variety of emotional symptoms, including lingering feelings of sadness and  loss of interest in things once enjoyed. Depression can also cause physical symptoms. Depression can make you  sick and cause symptoms such as exhaustion, headaches and muscle aches  Jan 17, 2019 

 https://www.healthline.com ›health 

 Can depression make you physically sick ?Symptoms and … 


 Other results 

 Does not eating enough get you down? 

 “Food is not so tempting when you are anxious, worried or desperate,” he says. But not eating enough can make you more irritable and sensitive, which can make your depression worse. June 27, 2011 

 https: // www.webmd.com ›features 

 3 food traps to avoid in case of depression WebMD 

 Other results 

 Hair  loss? 

 Depression and hair loss are linked, and people with depression may find that their hair can become dry, brittle, and  break easily. Physiological states of depression such as mood swings, discouragement, low self-esteem and feelings of exhaustion can be a factor in reducing the  growth phase of hair, leading to hair loss. April 25, 2018 

 https : //www.hshairclinic.co.uk ›News 

 Mental Health and Hair Loss 


 Can Depression Cause Body Pain? 

 Depression is a mood disorder diagnosed by telltale symptoms such as fatigue, lethargy, or lack of sleep. But depression can manifest as physical pain with no obvious cause, such as unexplained chest pain, muscle pain, tremors, or hot flashes. July 20, 2004 

 https://www.webmd.com ›news› b .. 

 Muscle aches and other stiffnesses can signal depression WebMD 

 Other results 

 Do people with bipolar  hear voices? 

 Yes, some people with bipolar disorder can hallucinate and see or hear things that are not there. This can happen during an episode of mania or depression. 

 https://patients.amwell.com ›faq› d … 

 Do people with the bipolar disorder hear voices? Amwell 



 How do you know if someone is lying about depression? 


 Symptoms of depression 

 He seems to have difficulty thinking, remembering things or making decisions. 

 He looks really tired and lacks energy. 

 Talk about feeling guilty, worthless, or helpless. 

 He seems desperate or pessimistic about life. 

 You have trouble sleeping well. 

 Appears irritable or restless. 

 More Articles … • March 24, 2020 

 https://www.verywellmind.com ›ago … 


How to tell if someone is faking depression Verywell Mind 

 More results 

 How to get out of depression? 

 5 Ways To Help You Get Through Depression 

 Exercise.Symptoms and … 

 Other results 

 Does depression change your voice? 

 When a person is depressed, their tone and volume range decreases, so they tend to speak softer, more flatly, and softer. The speech also seems intense, with multiple pauses, starts and stops. Another key indicator is tension or looseness in the vocal cords, which can make speech strained or wheezy. October 12, 2017 

 https://www.kqed.org ›futureofyou 

 Capturing the sound of depression in the human voice KQED 


 Does depression make you talk slower? 

 The journal published a study that showed how speech patterns change when people are depressed: their speech becomes weaker, more monotonous, more intense, and has more interruptions, starting an


During Thought Block, a person stops speaking suddenly and without explanation in the middle of a sentence Aug 28, 2015 

 https://www.goodtherapy.org ›blog 

 GoodTherapy Thought Block 


 Why do I look depressed? 

 People with a social anxiety disorder (SAD) often have voice problems. People with SAD tend to use a quiet, weak voice and may mumble. 

 https://www.verywellmind.com ›de … 

 Developing a strong voice with social anxiety. 


 How can I calm my mind? 

 Relax your mind 

 Breathe slowly and deeply. Or try other breathing exercises to relax you. … 

 Take a hot bath. 

 Listen to relaxing music. 

 Practice Mindfulness Meditation The purpose of mindfulness meditation is to focus your attention on things that are happening right now in the present moment. … 

 Write. … 

 Use guided pictures. 

 https://www.uofmhealth.org ›health … 

 Stress Management: Relaxing Your Mind and Body Michigan Medicine 

 Other Findings 



 What Does Sputtering Mean? 

 Confused speech is a symptom characterized by the poor pronunciation of words, whispering, or a change in speed or pace during conversation.


The medical term for confusing talk is dysarthria. 

 https://www.healthgrades.com ›slur … 

 Confused speech Symptoms, causes, treatments Healthgrades

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