Effects of anger
Effects of anger



Anger influences our perception, opinions, ideas, reasoning and finally our choices, this explains the reason why angry decision-makers tend to rely on a limited range of information when making strategic conclusions. In this state of mind, every action seems to be justified.

They are so judgemental about other people’s actions that they don’t even see their shortcomings.
Most times they don’t see how much damage has been done until they are satisfied with carrying out revenge.


The Bible warns that holding on to anger can lead to offence, which is just one of many reasons why letting go of anger can be something to work towards. Most times anger is caused by  Illegitimate desiresScriptural verses about anger

1. We can never reach the ways of God in anger:
James 1: 19-20
Remember this, my dear friends! Everyone must be quick to listen, but slow to speak and slow to become angry.
Human anger does not achieve God’s righteous purpose. See our previous article on how to manage outbursts.

2. Anger leads to even more anger: why Forgiveness is a great remedy for anger?
Proverbs 10:12
“Hate stirs up controversy, but love covers all transgressions.” It creates additional costs and difficult situations that otherwise could have been avoided

Matthew 5:25
“Make friends quickly with your opponent-in-law while you are out with him so that your opponent does not hand you over to the judge and the judge to the officer, and you will be locked up.”

4. Angry people always hurt people and cause insults:
Proverbs 14:17
“A person in a bad mood acts foolishly, and a person with bad thoughts is hated. Read on to know how to destroy the spirit of anger



There are many ways in which anger can ruin your life
1. An outburst of anger can cause headaches, digestive problems such as abdominal pain, insomnia, increased anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and skin problems such as eczema. Actions you can take to become a better person.

2. Anger increases the risk of stroke. It puts your heart in great danger. Most physical harm is the effects of anger on your heart health. Anger can also change the way the brain functions.

3. Deplete your immune system. If you’re still angry, you may feel bad more often. In a study, scientists from Harvard University found that in healthy people, the mere memory of a past anger experience caused a six-hour drop in immunoglobulin A antibody, the cells’ first line of defence against infection.



1. Problems with Anger Can Increase Your Fear When you are concerned, it is important to note that fear and anger can go hand in hand. Don’t allow the anger of being laid off from work to affect your emotional health ( A letter to the laid-off).

2. Anger is also associated with sadness. Many surveys have linked pain, aggression, and tantrums, especially among men. Sporting is a good remedy for anger, like surfing, cycling, these can reboot your life. These activities bring our minds and attention to the present moment, and there will be no room for anger to prevail. Don’t forget getting angry all the time can puncture your blood pressure.

3. It can also lead to stress, weakness, and headaches.
Anger can shorten life. It’s natural for happy people to live longer. Stress is closely related to general health issues. When you are stressed and angry, it will shorten your life expectancy. Couples who suppress anger have a shorter lifespan than those who say they get angry easily (Ways to save your career from being destroyed by anger).

If you feel uncomfortable showing negative emotions, then work with a therapist or just practice being more expressive. Learning to express your anger appropriately is a healthy way of dealing with anger.  Dangers of suppressed anger.

If someone does not know their rights, they should be informed. 


Is anger harming my relationships?

In relationships where open and calm dialogue is replaced with angry words and actions, the bonds of love between family members can be masked by strong resentment. 

As angry feelings build up, ask yourself, Why do I choose to be angry right now? I have other options. Which option would be the most helpful now?”
Before growing hurt feelings, say, “I will choose not to be offended. When you are having a crisis that may lead to physical verbal aggression,  the principle of non-verbal violence is the best way to deal with it in your relationships.

Effects Of Anger On Marriages

Too much anger can harm any marriage. Bitterness may develop over time. If one or both partners in the couple express their anger in an uncontrolled manner, it is certain to cause one or both of them to be in pain. If anger is driving you to divorce consider reading this.

Hurt feelings can grow and become a cause for arguments and arguments. On the surface, you may be fighting for money or how to raise children, but deep down the real drive behind the fight and anger is unstable hurt feelings.

No matter how much anger you feel always be nice to your family. This is very important because anger is a state of the mind, like a mountain when you climb up, you will eventually come down. The damage you did on your way up, you may never be able to fix it again. Check out the best online anger management classes.

If your children make you feel angry, yelling at them doesn’t work rather it harms them. It can backfire on you so then consider a dialogue instead.

Also, check out how anger management can improve your life. Read THIS.

Can anger be controlled?

Yea it can, check here.

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